2015 April

Non Scary Halloween Ideas For Kids

Every year at Halloween, there are the majority of kids who love the whole grisly affair, and then the others who scream in terror every time they see their little brother wearing a ghost mask. Just because your child is terrified of the scary masks and ghastly costumes doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun at Halloween, though, as there’s a range of less scary activities that they can do.
Dressing Up
Fancy dress for Halloween doesn’t mean your child has to transform themselves into something that makes their knees shake. Funny versions of popular Halloween costumes and costumes based on traditional Halloween items such as a pumpkin or spider are a lot less scary, but still keep with the general theme. There’s also a great range of other fancy dress options available, so if your child wants to dress up as a favourite cartoon character or something completely random for Halloween, then why not.
Baking Halloween themed cupcakes for trick or treaters is an excellent way to get your child involved in Halloween without having to go outside and face the ghosts, ghouls and witches in fancy dress roaming the streets. You can purchase easy to make Halloween themed cupcake kits, or design your own with some icing sugar and easy to roll coloured icing to make some spiders and pumpkin shapes to decorate your cakes. If your child is easily frightened by Halloween costumes, but upset that they can’t go out trick or treating (children are complicated beings!) baking cupcakes will keep them happy as well as meaning that they don’t have to miss out on having a tasty treat.
If your child is too scared to go out on Halloween night, you could invite round some of their friends to play Halloween themed party games instead. These don’t have to be scary; you could design something such as ‘pin the leg on the spider’, a take on a traditional party game with a Halloween twist. You could tell some mild ghost stories – stick to ones that are funny and not of the scary kind – or watch a kids film with a Halloween theme, such as Casper The Friendly Ghost. Carving pumpkins is also a brilliant way to keep your little one happy, and making sure that they and their friends are provided with goodies and sweets with make sure that they don’t feel like they’ve missed out by not going trick or treating.